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CCSI carries an extensive line of 19 inch rack cabinets and related equipment from open frame relay racks to wall mount racks to fully enclosed and NEMA rated rack cabinets.



The 19-Inch rack is an EIA standard that has been adopted for all manner of gear from computer servers to rackmount shelves, rackwemount dras, Ethernet and Infiniband switches to UPS and PDUs. Early computers typically filled a whole room with a single computer. Modern computers occupy as little as ½ of a RU in a 19” server rack (a RU = 1.75” vertical rack space) or even less in Blade Servers. As computer servers became more affordable, more and more new uses for them were devised, requiring more computers. The resulting increased utilization of computers lead to rooms filled haphazardly with separate servers on tables or other makeshift shelving and cables running rampant throughout the room. It became apparent that there had to be a better way of arranging computer servers than just stacking them up on counters and desks. It is often said that “necessity is the mother of invention,” so the necessity of a better way to organize and manage computers lead to the development of rack mounted computer servers which have largely supplanted pedestal or tower form factor servers. You can think of a rack cabinet as a hi-rise apartment building for computers. Just as high-rise apartments provide more dwelling space on a small amount of land, server racks allow higher density and greater organization as well as easier serviceability. The earliest rack-mounted servers were 4U and 5U or more but now they are commonly less than 3U with 1U or 2U quite common and twin servers becoming increasingly popular where two independent servers are built in a 1U chassis and four independent servers are built in a 2U chassis. Like a hand in a glove, a rack-mount computer fits in a rack cabinet or other rack enclosure. We offer a broad selection of 19 inch rack cabinets, portable racks, table top racks, wall mount racks, two-post relay racks, LAN racks,  four post open frame racks, audio and AV racks, fully enclosed rack cabinets, NEMA rated and even air conditioned rack enclosures.